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Last updated 01/24/04

Ship's Log

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Total NM

Cruise From

Cruise To

01-24-04 22:00 13:30 54.600 West Palm, FL West End, Bahamas


Sea Conditions

Wind SW 10-12
2 to 4 FT


We could not have planned it better. The Gulf Stream Passage was perfect. The waves were 2 to 4 Ft Wind from the SE. We actually sailed for a bit. We left at 10:00 PM on the 24th and arrived at 1:30 PM on the 25th. Since it was dark can't tell ya much about leaving, But when the sun came up. The water was INK Blue. We saw flying fish. and as we came to inlet the water changed to light blue then clear. Once we entered the stream we could feel it's effects. The Autohelm was steering 92 deg and once in the stream it steered 116 deg to offset for the current

Anchorage at Lake Worth

Phone (xxx) xxx-xxxx VHF 16 Price $0.00 Per Ft.

Old Bahamain Marina

Phone (242) 350-6500 VHF 09 Price $1.40 Per Ft. 40 ft Min