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Cybersail Journals - OCT. 2004

Marsh Harbour
We have Power today. Today is the day that Cybersail will get recovered from the bottom. They first pull the piling out and began to raise the boat. The slings were to far back and most of the lifting presure was on the arch. But the arch held. We were always worried that it was a weak part of the boat, Guess not. They finally pulled the boat up enough to see that damage, What a hole!!!. They lifted the boat out of the water and over the docks to the barge. I knew that we pack to much stuff on the boat. The Crane almost tipped over and they dropped the boat on the dock. They had a lot of trouble removing it. They got the boat off the dock and onto the Barge and installed a patch so the boat can be floated back to the boat yard. The whole process took about 2.5 hours and was done very professionaly Boat US handle this part very well and quickly.
Marsh Harbour
We have cell phone access and Outer Island Internet Has Access at their office now. More updates to follow.
Marsh Harbour
We still have no Power, Phones, or Internet access. We are waiting for the insurance company to come out to look at the boat. They say it will be a week to a week and a half. It will be hard to post picture on the website As we had the camera with us but didn't get the charger off the the boat. We will need to get a charger for the camera and the VHF radio. They have already started cleaning up one of the Marina's the one right next to us (Harbour View) was ripped up all the the pilings and the docks. The bar located in the marina is also being destroied. Many of the beaches were loss.