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Cybersail Journals - Oct. 2003

Magothy River
We are visiting friends that we met at the Hunter get together in August
Annapolis Boat Show
We went to the boat show looking for gadgets and charts. We will leave for St. Michaels on Monday Morning the 13th.
St Michaels
We went had a dozen crabs today that you pick youself and all they do is steam them. It took over an hour to eat them.
St Michaels
We tried to leave today. Wind on nose 20-25 Kts. Will wait till tonight to head for the Solomon's.
Solomon's Island
We left at 12:00AM and arrived at 8:00 AM. A Great over night sail. We stayed at the Calvert Marina.. What a mistake!! All we did was rock and roll, The Bathrooms/Showers are 1000ft away. When I complained on how far away they were. I was told that is the Transient dock. I said I will never transient here again....
Antiposion Creek
We left at 07:00AM and arrived at 15:38 PM. A Great sail. Althought we motorsailed because the wind was close to the nose The anchorage was great and quite...
Norfolk, Va
We left at 07:00AM and arrived at 16:15 PM. A Great sail. It feels nice to be on the ICW. Lots of warships here. We got to see an Aircraft Carrier up close. It was 76 deg today, warmth at last.
Pungo Ferry, Va
We left at 07:00AM and arrived at 14:30 PM. The ICW is narrow and not very deep here. The wind was blowing today 25-30 out of the SW. The wind effects the depths more then tide. Because of the wind the tide was up a ft. The made it hard for the boats with taller masts to sneak under the 65ft Bridges.
Coinjock, NC
We left at 08:30AM and arrived at 11:30 PM. The ICW is wide and, But still not very deep here. The wind was blowing today 10-20 out of the NW. Coinjock was a very nice marina right on the ICW
Pungo River, NC
We left at 07:00AM and arrived at 8:00 PM. Today was interesting.. Our original anchorage was not good for where the wind was blowing from it was already a 52 mile day. We decided to go throught the Pungo/Alligator canal (24 Miles). We arrived at the new anchorage in the dark and while in the canal (They were dredging) we ran aground. We got off with no problems. What was to be learned was not to do 76 miles in one day.
Long Creek, NC
We left at 10:00AM and arrived at 16:30 PM. A nice calm day after yesterday. Just kick back and do some maintance (Clean Strainers) The water up here in CoCo Colored and is making a mess of the boat. Be getting cleaner as be get closer to the Ocean.
Morehead City, NC
We left at 7:00AM and arrived at 15:00 PM. A warm day for a change. Got to see some dolphins and some more shallow waters The water is much cleaner here and much more current. Many shollow spots for the trip tomorrow.
Swansboro, NC
We left at 6:00AM and arrived at 10:00 PM. A warm day for a change. Got to see some dolphins and some more shallow waters The water is much cleaner here and much more current. Sounds like I said this yesterday, But it's True We will be here for 2 or 3 days. The weather is going to turn to High winds and Rain, Although today it was 81 deg. We are right at an ocean inlet (only 5ft Deep) so the water is real clean and a lot or marine life. Before we leave here we have to check that there are not maneuvers going on at Camp LeJeune firing range. We also did an Oil, Oil Filter and Fuel Filter Change while here. The also have a Car that you can use so we can reprovision with food.
Hampstead, NC
We left at 7:30AM and arrived at 2:30 PM. Warm and Rainy today. We went by Camp LeJeune they hade maneuvers. Lots of heilocopters. Currents are swift and change often while you pass inlets. We stayed at Harbor Village Marina. This was a nice protected marina right off of the ICW. A Number of note. If you call the number they will tell you of any maneuvers that will close the ICW (910) 451-3065. Water is very clean here. We actually seen the ocean today ther are dunes everywhere. The shoreline of the ICW has many more homes on it.
Bald Head Island, NC
We left at 7:15AM and arrived at 2:45 PM. Wow it was raining cats and dogs last night and the wind blew up to 50 Knots. By morning it was all over just a few clouds. Once again the currents are swift. Bald Head Island is a bit off of the ICW. It is located right on Cape Fear inlet. Very interesting community. Like block Island it only has 400 people living on the island which does not allow Cars on the road. Only Golf Carts and Bikes. We seen some real fancy golf carts. They have parking meters on the island that when you pay it activates a AC plug so you can recharge you golf cart battery. The sunset was great. Also the food at River Pilot was great also. This is worth stoping at.
North Myrtle Beach, SC
We left at 6:45AM and arrived at 2:00 PM. A wonderful day. Bright Sun and 76 deg. We almost did the outside route (Cape Fear to Charleston) in the ocean. We have 5-6 good days of weather. We did continue down the ICW only 5 bridges today. One of the bridges is the last Pontoon Bridge on the ICW. There is much more development on the ICW down here. Much more homes for sale.
Thorougfare Creek, SC
We left at 6:45AM and arrived at 2:15 PM. A wonderful day again!!. Bright Sun and 74 deg. This part of the ICW was a bit more inland and we motored on the Waccomaw River. The leafs on some trees are showing a hint of color. Lots on nice homes and right next door a dump. Mike, There are lots of nice homes and lots for sale. The water in getting Brown again because we are not near any inlet. We will be trucking along since there is a lot of nice weather comming our way.