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Cybersail Journals - Nov. 2003

ST. Augustine, FL (779.5)
Did a little touring today. There was a boat on fire in the Anchorage today. It burned for hours. This is a nice Big City (The Oldest City). Lots of tourist here. More later this week.
ST. Augustine, FL (779.5)
We left at 6:45 and arrived 12:45 We will be staying at Oyster Creek Marina for 30 days. This is for have the bottom painted, the sides waxed, Zincs replaced and stuffing box repacked. We will have more to say after we tour the area.
Jacksonville, FL (747.5)
We left at 6:30 and arrived 16:15. We Stayed at Beach Marine. It was a longer than normal day. We had plan to Anchor at Port George. We were made such good time that we went 13 miles farther. There is not much to say about today all we did was motor along. Although they renumbered the bouys in Cumberland sound that cause at least 3 boats to go up St Mary River instead of the ICW.
Jekyll Island GA (685.0)
We left at 6:45 and arrived 09:30. We Stayed at Jekyll Island. This is the Island that the rich people in late 1800 to early 1900 had winter homes. There is a lot of history here. Most of the old homes have been updated and are now used for hotels. The Fredrica River was very shallow in the middle and we ran soft aground. It might be a very pretty site and peaceful, But leave on High water.
Fredrica Creek GA (670.0)
We left at 7:00 and arrived 14:30. Anchored in Fredrica river just outside Fort Fredrica (Very Small Fort). Big Current wrapped the anchor within minutes of setting (Just Motored around). Lots of range markers today and you have to use them to stay in deep water.
Wahoo Creek GA (630.0)
We left at 6:15 and arrived 13:00. Anchored in a small river. Current Strong and Nothing around but Swamps. We almost had a bad thing happen today. Shortly after we left the marina there is a bridge that opens on demand. Us plus 2 sailboats asked for the opening. The bridge tender asked for boat name and hailing port. This is common in SC and GA. All 3 sailboats IDed. The Power Cat boat named Kitty Kat rushed to the front of the line waking all 3 boats. Then the Bridge tender open the bridge and he cut off one of the sailboats. We were the last in line. Kitty Kat never asked for the opening and the bridge tender counted 3 boats and started to close the bridge while we were in it. I yelled on the Mic there is another boat here and the stop the bridge before we hit. Needless to say the Powerboat just sped off.
Isle of Hope, GA (590.0)
We left at 6:30 and arrived 14:30. Long day today, We are tring to make up time lost to weather. Well we are in Georgia. The tide swing here is 9.7 Ft. Lot more Sailboats today and a lot of currents. We found out the the movie Forest Gump was filmed in Beaufort except the bus station that was filmed in Savannah, GA.
Beaufort, SC (536.3)
We left at 6:30 and arrived 10:30 Today is our 6th Anniverisary.We are going to party in Beaufort today and tomorrow. Only because the weather is going to be bad tomorrow. Only one bridge today. The currents are Wicked now the tide swing in over 7.5 Ft There were some more shallows and a few boats went aground yesterday. Out friend Ray (Resolve) went agound yeterday in mosquito creek. We had to wait 3 hours to float him off. Ray rafted with us last night. If we were first we would have been the one aground.
Mosquito Creek(513.0)
We left at 5:00 and arrived 12:00 We left early to make a bridge that woun't open between 6:00 and 9:00. If we waited till after 9:00 the current would be on our nose at 4.5 Knots. We went off the ICW by 3 miles to Mosquito creek for some fresh shrimp (Which were real Good). A few shallow spots today and a few tomorrow.
Charleston (469.3)
We left at 6:45 and arrived 10:15 Cloudy and but still warm. We are in a marina doing the tourist thing for a few days. Nice old town. Lots of history. Looks like Hugo did some real damage in 1989.
Hamlin Sound (454.9)
We left at 6:15 and arrived 13:15 More like yesterday. Except less protection from NE Wind. We are very close to Charleston, SC. We will visit there for Monday and Tuesday. We wrapped the anchor last night unfouled it ourselves. I noticed that our bottom is extremly clean (All that water over the bottom).
Mimin Creek (415.0)
We left at 7:15 and arrived 10:45 Good motoring today the tide was with us. We decided to get in early to explore with the dink. The water is clean and there is nothing around for miles (No Roads). It is just swamp grass just like the everglades. You can see the boats coming for miles since the tallest thing around is 3-4 ft Grass. There is NO protection from the wind and fortunatly it is only around 10-12 knots. The currents are vert swift here and for the next 3-4 days of sailing.