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Last updated 01/31/04

Cybersail Journals - Jan. 2004

Marsh Harbor, Bahamas
We left at 9:00. Showered off and on all day. We left because the next 4 days look bad for weather and to get from Green Turtle Cay to Marsh Harbor you have to go back out to sea for about 3/4 of a mile and then back in. We had no problem today.
Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas
We left at 7:00. Pretty uneventful motor as there was lite wind on the nose. The water is much deeper now 12-19 ft.We hope the storm hold off the Saturday late afternoon. We plan to go to Marsh Harbour Cay for Saturday weather permitting.
Great Sale Cay, Bahamas
We left at 9:30 waiting for the raising tide. We went onto the Bank at Indian Cay. It was a little shallow. We should have waited longer, But wanted to make Great Sale Cay before the storm this weekend. We bumped the bottom (Soft Sand) Will check the keel when we get to Green Turtle Key and we arrived at Great Sale Key at dark. The winds are on the nose so no sailing today. It is pretty Scary that you can see the bottom in 14 ft of water. The video will be great. We plan to go to Green Turtle Cay for Friday to make up some lost time waiting for the window to cross the bank.
West End, Bahamas
We could not have planned it better. The Gulf Stream Passage was perfect. The waves were 2 to 4 Ft Wind from the SE. We actually sailed for a bit. We left at 10:00 PM on the 24th and arrived at 1:30 PM on the 25th. Since it was dark can't tell ya much about leaving, But when the sun came up. The water was INK Blue. We saw flying fish. and as we came to inlet the water changed to light blue then clear. Once we entered the stream we could feel it's effects. The Autohelm was steering 92 deg and once in the stream it steered 116 deg to offset for the current.
Lake Worth, FL
We are in the anchorage ready for the crossig to West End tonight at 23:00 (1/24) we should arrive at West End on Sunday 11:00- 15:00 (1/25). We checked out the inlet today and went about a mile off shore. The water in the anchorage is clear we can see the bottom at 15 feet and a Dime on the bottom at 10 ft.
Lake Worth, FL
We will leave on 01/25/04 for West End. We decided are staying at Rybovich Spencer Marina, Big Mistake. They are list to have Washer and Dryers, Cable and a Restaruant. They only thing that was right was the price. Don't stay here!!
Mantee Pocket, FL
We will leave on 01/23/04 for Lake Worth. We decided not to go outside because of a Small Craft Adv. As pleasent 22 mile motor and only 2 Bridges. There are 8 Thursday in 32 miles. We anchored with our all new all chain rode (3/8 BBB) chain. All big heavy chain was a good idea as we danced around a lot less.
Fort Pierce, FL
We will leave on 01/20/04. We will go the off shore route from Fort Pierce Inlet to Lake Worth Inlet (57 Nm). If the wind is not good or weather not in our favor we will bail out at St Lucie Inlet and go to Manatee Pocket (32Nm).
Fort Pierce, FL
We will be leaving (Weather permitting) on Jan 20th Now. We have Reservations in Marsh Harbour from 2/2/04 to 3/2/04.
Fort Pierce, FL
We now have our US Costumes Decal along with the Customs and Imigration forms for the Bahamas. We are going to change our insurance (Boat) provider to BoatUS since our old provider is unreasonablly priced ($5 per day) to be more then 75 Nm from the US.
Fort Pierce, FL
It has been very warm here about 78 Deg. We will be leaving on 01/15/04 to Manatee Pocket then on 01/16/04 to Lake Worth. and on the 1st weather window we will head to West End in the Bahamas.