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Cybersail Journals - Feb. 2004

Marsh Harbor, Bahamas
Today the Tourist board had a party at the Conch Crawl. What a great time. They had local dancer and local music. Free food and Drinks. It was a very good spread. Everybody had fun.
Marsh Harbor, Bahamas
Mike and Carol left for home today. We had a great time and while at Baker's Bay we seen a singray. Alice the bartender from Conch Crawl has invited us to her father's 80th birthday. This will be great to meet more of the locals. Last night we met the Island Adminstrator, Mr Williams. Mr Williams will also be at the Party tonight. Everybody does know everybody.
Bakers Bay Guana Cay, Bahamas
Mike and Carol visiting. We are touring the islands. Yesterday we sailed to Baker's Cay and stayed in the anchorage. We snorkled and swam off the back of the boat and sunned on the beautiful beach. The sand is talcom powder soft and pink. We went through an abandoned Disney Day Resort that was damaged by Hurricane Floyd in 1997.
Marsh Harbor, Bahamas
The people are very friendly. Almost everyone will talk to you and ask any questions that you have. We had lunch at the Mangoes with Steve Dodge the Author of the Abacos cruising guide that we followed while here. On Sunday we went to Guana Cay and went to Nipper's (Great Bar, Pool, and Beach). On tuesday we went out with the Bartender at the Conch Crawl her name is Alice. We went to Snapps and Alice induced to her friends and learned a lot about the Abacos. One thing while your here don't say anything to a local that you don't want to get around as everyone here knows everyone.
Marsh Harbor, Bahamas
We will tour around town today to look at what is around.