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Cybersail Journals - Apr. 2004

Cherokee, Bahamas
We went to Little Harbour, Cherokee, and Sandy Point today by car. At Cherokee we drove through the small settlement and visited "The SandBar". This was a bar located at the end of a pier with stairs going down to a sand bar. From there on the way to Cherokee we past the "Winding Bay" this is a large complex with many homes and a golf course. Next was the settlement of Cherokee which is very small with roads that looked like and were the size of sidewalks. From Cherokee we went to Little Harbour and visited "Pete's Pub" a nice quite outside bar were Bronze casting are poured on Thursdays. Today we were in for a treat, they did a casting today. (look at Photoalbum for Pictures and videos).Then we were on to Sandy Point. This ride goes through the National Forest most of which from the road appears burned. It has been a very dry winter and they have had many forest fires. While in Sandy Point we stopped at a church Fish Fry. Good music, lots of kids. This party is because here in the Bahamas they have Easter MONDAY. Over all a great day with lots of driving (200 Miles) on the wrong side of the road.
Marsh Harbour, Bahamas
We went to Treasure Cay and Cooperstown yesterday. Treasure Cay has some of the most clear and sandy beaches that we have seen yet. This is a very built up place, Lot of condos and resorts. Most of the getting around is by Golf carts. This is like Marsh Harbour as it is a Vacation hot spot without all the stores and shops.
From Treasure Cay we went to Cooperstown. This is a real local town. You don't see many tourist here. We stopped for dinner at a local eatery. We had Steamed Pork Chops (Lots of meat) and Chicken normally we would have spend with drinks $40-$50. 4 of us was $33. Way cheaper to eat here. We also stopped at 2 bars, one of them was right on the water (We passed Copperstown on the way from Great Sale Cay to Green Turtle Cay) and the other was inland a bit. These bars remind me of the small pubs in CT. They all cater to the working person.
The ride to and from was kinda boring. There is not much to see except the brush fires that they let burn. Although it is about 40 miles to Cooperstown from Marsh Harbour. it takes an hour to get there.